Young people from across Monmouthshire sparked debate with County Councillors at the Young Persons Democracy Day, County Hall Usk on Friday 17th November. The fun, informal event was planned by young people to celebrate and raise awareness of Local Democracy Week. It provided an opportunity to find out more about local democracy and quiz elected members on issues that are important to them.

The day was planned by young people from Engage 2 Change, Monmouthshire County Council’s Youth Forum. Young people from King Henry VIII School, Caldicot School, Chepstow School and Monmouth School were invited to the event. The aim of the day was to find out more about democracy and get to know local councillors.

Young people from King Henry VIII School, Caldicot School, Chepstow School and Monmouth School listened to an informative presentation about the history of democracy and politics. It reinforced to them the importance of having a voice at both a local and national level.

Young people and elected members took part in a fast paced debate sharing views on a range of issues close to the heart of young people. Young people felt strongly about; support for young people with mental health issues, the effectiveness of the current school curriculum to prepare young people for the future and the impact of Brexit on young people.

Local councillors were put through their paces by the young people in an informative question and answer session. Young people asked members pertinent questions around education and mental health.

Breaghanna Mcmahon Chair of Engage 2 Change, Monmouthshire Youth Council

‘I hope that everyone who came along took something away from today that they will use in the future. I am really proud to be part of Engage2Change and am in awe of the work that everyone involved has put in to make the day such a success. We are always looking for new members so if you are aged between 11- 18 please come along to one of our meetings’

Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, Councillor Peter Fox Said ‘It really is fantastic see so many young people in the chamber today. I am so pleased that young people are here today to discuss democracy. It is so important to talk and listen to young people to help them understand the importance of voting and provide them with a platform to share their views. Young people are the future of democracy in Monmouthshire I look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.’

For more information about future events or to become a member of Engage 2 Change contact Youth Worker Jade Atkins by phone 07790 355724  or email