Over thirty Monmouthshire youngsters gathered at the county’s outdoor education service headquarters in Skenfrith’s Hilston Park recently (Thursday 2nd November) to launch the council’s Young Carers’ Strategy.

The strategy is the result of engagement between the council and the county’s young people who care for members of their family.  It outlines the help and support the council can provide as well as offering a greater understanding and recognition of the care and support provided by young carers.

Councillor Maureen Powell, Monmouthshire’s Chairman opened the event and spoke of the pressures faced by young carers and the effective support offered by the strategy.  She said: “My admiration for you all knows no bounds and I wonder how we’d manage without your wonderful contribution.”

The young carers spent the day in workshops sharing information and examining how the strategy can be applied and improved.  There was an appreciation that the strategy showed people were now listening and acknowledging the challenges faced by young carers.  While many important subjects were discussed there was a light-hearted element to the day as a number of the children and staff dressed as superheroes or film characters.  Among these were Superman, The Incredibles, The Teenage Ninja Mutant Heroes and Frozen’s Olaf.  Also, the site’s outdoor education staff encouraged participation with initial warm up exercises designed to introduce the young people to each other and make them feel at ease.

Councillor Penny Jones, Monmouthshire’s cabinet member for social care and health also attended the event.  She added: “I’m keen that the Young Carers’ Strategy will offer appropriate support which is why we will keep listening to our young carers.  I hope that the strategy will make a beneficial difference to both the young carers and those for whom they have a responsibility.”

For further information on the council’s Monmouthshire Young Carers’ Strategy 2017-2020 contact Carers Services Development Manager, Kim Sparrey – kimsparrey@monmouthshire.gov.uk