Monmouthshire County Council is pleased to support and raise awareness of World Mental Health Day on Tuesday October 10th with a series of wellbeing events that support this year’s theme Mental Health in the workplace.

The ‘You Matter We Care’ Wellbeing sessions are taking place across the county to help staff recognise signs of stress and also provide information about a whole range of offers that can help and support a positive work life balance

Monmouthshire County Council believes that being well both mentally and physically is essential for a happy and efficient work place.

The first session is taking place on Tuesday 10th and coincides with World Mental Health Day. Staff from across the workforce are being encouraged to attend the short information session which will provide them with information to maintain positive mental health.

The council believes that keeping and staying mentally and physical well is important for everyone in Monmouthshire. Monmouthshire has a wealth of organisations and groups who help and support individuals and families. Being active and creative is just some of the ways communities can improve mental health and wellbeing.

Monmouthshire County Council has produced three short films which showcase the activities that exist across the county for some residents who could have been at risk of becoming mentally unwell have benefited from learning new skills and finding friendships. The films will be available on World Mental Health Day, Tuesday 10th on council social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

Sara Jones Cabinet Member for Social Justice and Community Development said:

‘The wellbeing of our communities and staff is so important. I am very passionate about promoting mental health and as an authority we are keen to support the many organisations in our county that have such a huge impact on the mental health of our residents. By raising awareness of the many ways to improve mental health and wellbeing more people will recognise small things can make a huge difference. Joining a club, meeting new people or exploring our beautiful county are small ways to make an impact.’