Children in a Monmouthshire village enjoyed an afternoon’s outdoor play session in the street recently (Saturday 6th May) after the council arranged for a section of road to be closed to traffic for three hours.

Organised by local residents and Bristol-based charity “Playing Out”, youngsters in Sudbrook were able to cycle and ride their scooters near the Severn Tunnel pumping station as well as enjoying skipping, quoits and creating colourful chalk artworks on the road.  In addition, a local resident brought her guinea pigs along for children to feed and pet.

Organisers estimate that twenty-five children came to play over the course of the afternoon.  The council assisted with signage, training and supervision.

Local resident and organiser Karen Chadwick commented: “Children in Sudbrook go to lots of different primary schools, so they don’t have a chance to meet and socialise often.  Today has been a great opportunity to make new friends and for parents to get to know each other too.”

As well as organising Saturday’s play session, Karen also runs a weekly parent and toddler group at Caldicot Castle – further information can be found at

Jacob Lee, aged 10 added: “It’s been really fun and I hope we get to do it again.  My favourite things were riding my bike and chalking.”

All attending the session at Sudbrook were keen to see further similar events.  More information can be found at while for more information about outdoor play in Monmouthshire contact Whole Place Officer .

Monmouthshire County Council’s Chief Executive Paul Matthews said: “We were glad to help bring the people of Sudbrook together by employing this type of initiative and offer the children an afternoon of fun and activity.”