Over 5,000 residents have already signed up to Monmouthshire County Council’s My Monmouthshire app since its launch in November. The app. enables residents to get in touch with the council easily, gain access to information quickly and the ability to request items such as recycling boxes and bags. The app can be downloaded quickly and easily onto any smartphone or tablet by visiting the app Store, searching for My Monmouthshire and simply registering for the app.

Key benefits of My Monmouthshire include:

  • The ability to communicate with the council at any time of day, from any location, without the need to phone or visit a local community hub.
  • If people see something they’d like to report they can simply take a photo and contact the council immediately.
  • Receive regular updates from the council, by signing up for a variety of alerts and information.
  • The local mapping tool enables residents to find out information specific to their house such as recycling, polling station and planning information. The Local Mapping section of app is easy to use by inserting a postcode residents can also find out about events that are happening in the county.

There has been positive feedback from residents. A resident from Gilwern said ‘I have recently moved to the area, and I have already downloaded the My Monmouthshire app. It has been a really useful way to find out about what’s happening including waste collections and has helped me sign up to pay my council tax online.’

Cllr Bob Greenland Cabinet Member for Innovation, Enterprise and Leisure said-

‘It is fantastic to see so many of our residents signing up for the My Monmouthshire app. In an ever increasing digital society the My Monmouthshire app gives residents the power to be in control of the information they receive and provide yet another mechanism in the way they communicate with the local authority. The app is continuously evolving and more functions will be included in the future with officers listening to feedback from residents about what they would like to see. We hope that more and more people will sign up.’