Where is the best place to spectate in Monmouthshire?

While some areas are closed to spectators for safety reasons, there will be many areas from where you can enjoy the action. More information and a spectator guide will be published closer to the event.


Who should I address complaints to?

For any complaints about the event including the organisation of the event please contact the Velothon helpdesk – 02921 660780 or email: helpdesk@velothonwales.co.uk

If the issue relates specifically to MCC:

By email: events@monmouthshire.gov.uk

By phone: Deb Hill-Howells 01633 644281 or Dan Davies 01633 644044

Who do I contact if I can’t find an answer to my road closure enquiry and the Velothon helpdesk are not assisting?

If you have a specific enquiry related to the road closures you can email route@velothonwales.co.uk. They will attempt to answer all enquiries within three working days.

Will public transport in Monmouthshire be affected?

Public transport will operate as normal – with the exception of route 74 – where possible with diversions put in place. Inevitably, some services will be reduced or suspended if they cannot get around road closures. Further information will be communicated by transport providers closer to the event.

What parking will be available to people living and working on affected roads?

While the route will be designed to keep restrictions to a minimum, some people will need to make alternative parking plans during the event. Any cars parked on the route after parking instructions are implemented will be removed. In the lead up to the event, in addition to the direct resident communications you will receive, cars parked on route will have leaflets placed on their windscreens with reminders and additional information.

Usk is an urban clearway from midnight until 5pm.  Where do residents park?

Maryport Street carpark will be available for residents to park their cars although they will not be able to exit the carpark until the road re-opens at 3.30pm.

Will Community Meals / Homecare be able to deliver on the day?

Monmouthshire County Council will be operating ‘business as usual’ on the day.  If there are any alterations to your visit or delivery you will be notified of these beforehand.

Will private care providers be working as usual on the day?

Yes – if there are any alterations to your visit or delivery you will be notified of these beforehand.

Will the Usk Household Recycling Centre be open?

No – this will be closed on the day. Please use an alternative centre.

Will routine MCC services be running as usual on Velothon Day?

Yes – apart from disruption to some bus routes, Usk Recycling Centre, Maryport Street car parking restrictions and Social Care Services (as detailed above) – other MCC services that routinely run on Sundays will continue e.g. All leisure centres,  emergency out of hours calls, telecare / careline / community alarms, housing / homelessness etc.


I am expecting visitors and live in Usk– where can they park if Maryport Street car park is closed?

We would ask visitors to be mindful of the road closures and the impact that it will have on their travelling arrangements. Car parking will be available at County Hall car park for those visiting Usk and able to walk into the town centre.

Will compensation be paid to affected businesses for loss of revenue?

Refer to the Velothon helpdesk.

I am a farmer and I need access to my fields/livestock that open directly on to the route.  How can you help?

Refer to the Velothon helpdesk.

The Velothon helpline are not answering / not returning my call.

Run4Wales has set up a call centre to respond to enquiries about the event. Please continue to try the number or contact them by e-mail.  If your query relates to a problem in Monmouthshire we may be able to help.  Please contact us at one of our hubs or on 01633 644644 and we will try and resolve your enquiry.

Why has Monmouthshire CC agreed to run this event again?  Who in the council agreed this?

Monmouthshire County Council discussed and agreed to host the Velothon event at a council meeting on 19th November 2015. The decision was taken on the basis that the route was to be amended and that consultation would be undertaken by Run4Wales to make sure that everyone affected would be made aware of road closures and possible impacts. The Velothon event provides an opportunity to showcase the county to participants, spectators and the media.


How much is the Velothon event costing the council?

The cost of organising and hosting the event is met by the event organisers, though the council has incurred costs in the form of staff time. There may be costs incurred following the event to remove rubbish and this will be known post-event.

Press enquiries?

All press enquiries regarding the event should in the first instance be directed to Run4Wales, the race organisers. For specific enquiries about Monmouthshire please contact our Communications Team via email: Communications@monmouthshire.gov.uk

I am a business – why was the route changed from last year as it now affects me?  Why was there no consultation and can it be changed next year.

The route was amended to reflect feedback received leading up to and following the 2015 event. Run4Wales has undertaken consultation with businesses to make them aware of the event. There will be a review of the event and feedback will be considered.


I pay business rates and my business is affected – will I get a discount?

There will be no compensation available to any businesses or residents impacted by this event.

I am a personal carer and I need to cross the route/travel along the route on the day.  How can I arrange this?

Please contact the Velothon helpdesk staff who will be able to advise you.

I am leaving to go on holiday on the day – how can I cross the route / travel along the route?

Please contact the Velothon helpdesk staff who will be able to advise you.

What arrangements are being put in place to prevent cyclists using my garden as a toilet?

The organisers have arranged for portable toilets to be placed at appropriate locations throughout the route.  For further details please contact the event organisers.

I am a patient who may need to receive medical treatment on the day (dialysis/ pregnant / diabetic etc.) who do I contact?

Please contact Velothon helpdesk / Aneurin Bevan Health Board – arrangements should have been made to accommodate your needs.  Emergency cases will be dealt with on the day and provision has been made for this.

What powers do you have that you enable you to close the roads for this event?

The council is relying on section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to undertake the road closures.

Queries relating to advance warning Velothon signage

For any advance warning sign issues or queries you receive in relation to Velothon signage, please direct these to Road Traffic Solutions:

josh.hughes@roadtrafficsolutions.com | 01724 848 246

dave.lawrence@roadtrafficsolutions.com | 01724 848 246

They aim to attend all sign issues within one business day, but within six hours where possible.