People who dispose of waste oil by burning it are to be advised of new government guidance. Welsh Government has reviewed its guidance on the incineration of waste and, in a move to reduce air pollution, has determined that waste oil burners are now considered as incineration plant.

People who use a waste oil burner – including those who have a permit for their use – are advised that they either need to apply for a variation of their permit so it would cover a small waste incineration plant; commit to burn only non-waste fuels such as fuel oil or gas; or stop using it completely.

Welsh local authorities are contacting permit holders to let them know of the new requirements and to ask what action they are planning to take. Officers are also keen to spread the message to anyone who burns waste oil without a permit.

Those who wish to surrender their permit should do so by March 31th 2016, and any applications for a variation of a permit to a small waste incineration plant permit should be submitted by April 30th 2016. Where operators are found to be burning waste oil without holding a valid permit Welsh local authorities will consider taking appropriate enforcement action.

Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, Councillor Peter Fox said: “We urge permit holders and non-permit holders to get in touch with us as soon as possible so our officers can provide the necessary advice.”

Contact the council’s pollution team on 01873 735420.

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