Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, Rebecca Evans, has reminded owners there are just four weeks until it will be compulsory for dogs in Wales to be microchipped.

From 6 April, it will be compulsory for all dogs over eight weeks old in Wales to be microchipped and have their owners’ details registered on an approved database.

Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, Rebecca Evans said: “Microchipping gives peace of mind to dog owners as it gives them the best chance of being reunited with their pet if it gets lost or stolen.

“Each microchip has a unique reference number which the owner must register on one of the authorised databases along with their own contact details. This help reunite owners with lost or stolen pets and should also protect the welfare of dogs by promoting responsible ownership and breeding and help in the control of dangerous dogs.

“Dog owners are responsible for ensuring that the information on the database is up to date. If they haven’t already had their dog microchipped, or if the details are not on the database, they must do so before 6 April.”

Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, Professor Christianne Glossop, said: “Microchipping is a simple process involving the implantation of a small microchip via a needle under the skin which is inserted into the back of the neck.

“Only dogs that have been certified by a vet as not being able to be microchipped for health reasons will be exempt from the legislation. Non-working dogs will still be required by law to wear a collar and tag with the owner’s name and contact details on it when it is in a public place after the law comes into force.”

For more information about microchipping, pet owners should speak to their vet.