Remaining Independent

Everybody should be able to live in their home safely and independently.

The Careline Alarm system is a lifeline. It was developed to allow vulnerable people to maintain their independence, safe in the knowledge that help will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are able to provide different types of sensors depending on your requirements.

Applying for Careline is simple and can be done through your One Stop Shop or via the online form.

Grants and Adaptation

In order to remain independent, work my be required, for example, installing a ramp or stair lift. This work can often be expensive.  We may be able to cover the cost with our Disabled Adaptions and Safety at Home Grants.

Housing Health and Safety

If you live in rented accommodation and are concerned about property health and safety the council’s Environmental Health Team can help.

Energy Efficiency

The Council does not provide grants to improve the energy efficiency of residential properties. All enquiries for such grants should be made directly to the South East Wales Energy Advice Agency on 0800 622 6110.

Care and Repair Monmouthshire

Care and Repair believes all older people in Monmouthshire shall have warm, safe, secure homes that meet their individual needs. They exist to ensure that elderly people have access to housing services that enable them to live in housing that meets their individual needs. They can help with most aspects of housing for the elderly. Care and Repair’s website can be found here.