Reservoir flooding

Reservoirs in the UK have an extremely good safety record. Reservoirs are carefully maintained which means reservoir flooding is very unlikely to happen.

Reservoir flood maps have been produced for large reservoirs that hold over 25,000 cubic meters of water, these are available to help you find out if you could be affected by reservoir flooding.

Plan ahead

To be prepared for reservoir flooding you should:

  • Know your risk. Use the reservoir flood maps to see if you live or work in an area that might be affected by reservoir flooding
  • Plan where to go if you get caught in a reservoir flood
  • Put together a grab bag or flood kit of things you might need in an emergency
  • Know who you would need to contact and how
  • Be alert and be prepared to act quickly to get yourself to safety

Know what to do

Reservoir flooding could be very different from other forms of flooding. It could happen with little or no warning and you may need to evacuate immediately. You may need to react before emergency services can reach you. It is important to:

  • Keep yourself and others clear of danger. Move away from the reservoir, keeping to higher ground, if you can do so safely
  • Make sure 999 has been called if people are injured or if there is a threat to life
  • Do not walk or drive through floodwater
  • Follow the advice of emergency services in the area
  • Try to remain calm, think before acting and try to reassure others
  • Check for injuries – remembering to help yourself before attempting to help others