When is my recycling & waste collected?

Your new collection days are now available online.

Changes to your recycling and rubbish collection days

Your rubbish and recycling collection days will change from 11th May. Even if your day doesn’t change you need to make sure your bags are out for collection by 7am as the collection times will definitely be affected.

You have been fantastic and we are recycling more than we throw away. The changes to routes will ensure we maximise the benefits of your recycling and will help save over £200,000 that will go towards education and other core services.

Why have you changed the collection days?

There are a number of reasons –

  1. Efficiency savings through route optimisation will help save over £200,000.
  2. Reduced vehicles on the roads and reduction in miles travelled.
  3. We are able to make savings without cutting these services.
  4. Budget cuts are necessary to support the Councils 3 priority areas of education, social care and enterprise.
  5. Where possible we tried to increase the number of residents receiving same day collections, this has not always been achievable but remains an aspiration for the future.

Grey rubbish bags will no longer be provided

We are not supplying grey bags any more, please continue to use the grey bags until you run out. You can use your own bags for rubbish from 1st April 2015. It’s still only 2 bags of rubbish per collection but there is no limit to the free recycling bags you can use, so please keep up the great work and recycle as much as possible.

Please do not use the recycling bags for your rubbish as they will not be collected.

Step by step guide to recycling and rubbish collection changes

Step 1  – Look out for your leaflet, its coming through the post between 27th April and 10th May

Step 2 – Read it and keep it safe for the first few collections

Step 3 – Changes will take place from 11th May

Step 4 – Put your bags out for collection on your new day by 7am (new routes mean new collection times as well)

Step 5 – Check my services after 10th May for updated Maps and collection day info

Step 6 – Remember that following the May and August Bank Holidays we will be a day later collecting your rubbish and recycling.

 Please see the Leaflet you should have received in the post explaining the changes.