Staff contacts

We’ve collected a list of some of the people we think you will be interested to find out more about and talk to.

These include some of the senior leaders who make decisions that affect our lives every day, some of our employees who you can bump into and talk to every day. The list is in alphabetical order.

Kellie Beirne

Chief Officer Kellie Beirne

Kellie is Chief Officer for Regeneration and Culture. That means she covers everything from libraries, parks, business and roads to name just a few.

Follow Kellie on Twitter @KellieBeirne.

Claire Marchant

Claire Marchant, Monmouthshire’s Chief Officer for Social Care and Health, is responsible for looking after the county’s residents who are vulnerable or need help.  She has previously worked in a number of public sector roles across South Wales.  Claire has a young family who keep her busy and also enjoys fitness, going to gigs and seaside walks around Porthcawl, her current hometown.

Peter Davies

peter davies




Peter is Head of Innovation and is always looking to innovate to meet future challenges. His job is to ensure the council is being efficient, that we’re working with residents and partners to get things right and he ensures we’re being as intelligent as we can be in delivering services on a small budget and

Follow Peter on Twitter @PeterWalkerDavi.

Paul Matthews


Paul is Chief Executive and so is responsible for pretty much everything at the council.  He tries to do things a little differently here and he manages to find time to manage his local under 14s football team in Llanyrafon.

Follow him on Twitter @PaulMatthews67.

Sarah McGuinness

Sarah is Chief Officer for Children and Young People, is a fluent Welsh speaker and she is excited about learning and improving our schools.

Follow her on Twitter @Ceiliog72.


Coming soon…

More staff information and videos, as well as a staff structure, will be added here soon.