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The role of a councillor

All County Councillors are expected to carry out duties serving all members of the community equally, fairly and without discrimination.

The main duties of a County Councillor is to represent the needs, priorities and aspirations of the electors for your area, as well as the whole of Monmouthshire, by making yourself known in the area you represent, being accessible and consulting/liaising with local communities, organisations and businesses. You will also need to regularly attend a number of meetings and make decisions on behalf of the electorate to help improve the lives of local people.

Councillor Role Description

The WLGA produced guidance at the 2012 local elections for people considering standing as a councillor as well as more detailed guidance for new councillors that were elected.

Political representation

We have 43 Councillors representing 42 electoral divisions that are elected by registered voters in their wards.

The political representation on Monmouthshire County Council is:

  • Conservative: 19
  • Liberal Democrat: 3
  • Labour: 11
  • Independent: 10

Since May 2012 the council is led by Peter Fox (Conservative), with Robert Greenland (Conservative) and Phil Hobson (Liberal Democrat) as Deputy Leaders. The Chief Executive is Paul Matthews.

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