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This page explains the role of a councillor, as well as how you can find and contact your local councillor.

We have 43 councillors elected by registered voters in their wards. The full list of councillors is below.

The political representation on Monmouthshire County Council is:

  • Conservative: 19
  • Liberal Democrat: 3
  • Labour: 11
  • Independent: 10

Since May 2012 the council is led by Peter Fox (Conservative), with Robert Greenland (Conservative) and Phil Hobson (Liberal Democrat) as Deputy Leaders. The Chief Executive is Paul Matthews.

The council Chairman this year is Councillor John Prosser.

Role of a councillor

Our councillors carry out the following duties:

  • Encouraging community participation and resident involvement in decision-making
  • Representing the interests of the people in their ward
  • Dealing with resident enquiries and concerns fairly and without prejudice
  • Meeting local interested people, businesses and organisations
  • Listening to the needs of local people and organisations to take their views into account when making decisions and considering policy proposals
  • Participating in the activities of outside bodies they have been appointed to and reporting back to the council
  • Championing the causes which improve quality of life in Monmouthshire
  • Developing a knowledge of the organisations, services, activities and other factors important to the community’s well-being and identity

For more information:


The cabinet consists of the leader of the council and seven other cabinet members. The leader is appointed by the council and the cabinet members are appointed by the leader.  The cabinet, which meets monthly, takes decisions about local services in line with the overall budget and policy framework set by the council.  Some decisions are made by individual cabinet members, and these are publicised in advance in the same way as collective cabinet decisions.

  • Peter Fox – Leader – organisational development
  • Robert Greenland (Deputy Leader) – innovation, enterprise & leisure
  • Phil Hobson (Deputy Leader) – community development
  • Liz Hacket Pain – schools and learning
  • Giles Howard – environment, public services & housing
  • Geoff Burrows – social care & health
  • Phil Murphy – resources
  • Bryan Jones – county operations

Councillors by party and links to contact details


  • Geoff Burrows: Mitchel Troy
  • Peter Clarke: Llangybi Fawr
  • David Dovey: St Kingsmark
  • Ruth Edwards: Llantilio Crossenny
  • Peter Fox: Portskewett
  • Robert Greenland: Devauden
  • Elizabeth Hacket Pain: Wyesham
  • Martin Hickman: Llanfoist Fawr
  • Giles Howard: Llanelly Hill
  • Bryan Jones: Goytre Fawr
  • Penny Jones: Raglan
  • Sara Jones: Llanover
  • Paul Jordan: Cantref
  • Phil Murphy: Caerwent
  • Maureen Powell: Castle
  • John Prosser: Priory
  • Brian Strong: Usk
  • Ann Webb: St Arvans
  • Susan White: Overmonnow

Liberal Democrat

  • Douglas Edwards: Grofield
  • Linda Guppy: Rogiet
  • Phil Hobson: Chepstow, Larkfield


  • Dimitri Batrouni: St Christopher’s
  • Jessica Crook: The Elms
  • David Evans: West End
  • Peter Farley: Chepstow, St Mary’s
  • James George: Lansdown
  • Roger Harris: Croesonen
  • Jim Higginson: Severn
  • Armand Watts: Thornwell
  • Pauline Watts: Caldicot Castle
  • Kevin Williams: Llanwenarth Ultra
  • Tony Easson: Dewstow


  • Debby Blakebrough: Trellech United
  • Graham Down: Shirenewton
  • Ralph Chapman: Mardy
  • Robert Hayward: Dixton with Osbaston
  • Simon Howarth: Llanelly Hill
  • David Jones: Crucorney
  • John Marshall: Green Lane
  • Val Smith: Llanbadoc
  • Frances Taylor: Mill
  • Alan Wintle: Drybridge

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  1. [...] it purely for councillors, it might still work out cheaper than comparable alternatives. There are 43 elected councillors in Monmouthshire. That works out at £29.07 per head for training using the Apodo indefinitely. [...]

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