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August 26, 2014 - Community learning service to hold open days at its five Monmouthshire centres - Our Community Learning Service is to hold open days at its five centres across the county in the... Continue reading Community learning service to hold open days at its five Monmouthshire centres

August 26, 2014 - Rural communities invited to submit ideas for funding - People living in rural areas of Monmouthshire and Newport will have the opportunity over the autumn to shape... Continue reading Rural communities invited to submit ideas for funding

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If you do not know your PIN number, please call your local library and they can tell you or set one up of your own choice. Continue reading 'Search, reserve, renew' >

philip53 commented on Potholes:

I have lived in Monmouth all my life and never have I seen such terrible road surface conditions in terms of potholes,uneven roads through recent repairs in all parts of the town for example; Rockfield Road,Drybridge street,Monnow street,St James Street through to St Johns Street,Priory Street,Dixton Road etc. I must also say that the calming ramps that have been put in place on the Watery Lane during the development of the new estate should now be partly if not all be removed as this is causing more damage to vehicles as the ramps are spaced far too close which will leave the council subject to claims for damages from the motorist and rightly so. Therefore I am requesting the council to review the conditions of the roads/highways listed within this email and prioritise for the removal or part removal of the calming ramps on the Watery Lane. Just recently my car was damaged through these calming ramps even at minimal speed, I might add.However, I have not placed a claim against the council on this occasion but I will if I continue to receive problems through sheer neglect from the highways division if these matters are not put right in all areas of the town.Our highways are a disgrace and there is no excuse for the lack of maintenance with all the billions pounds of revenue that is taken from the motorist year on year that roadways should never be in a position like they are now. Continue reading 'Potholes' >