The following plans are used by the council to ensure that staff, managers and officers from the local authority, the emergency services and other organisations meet their responsibilities within a co-ordinated overall response.

Directorate Emergency Plans are developed and maintained by individual directorates with the support of the Emergency Planning team. They contain activation and operational procedures to help staff meet the directorates’ emergency responsibilities, as set out in the Emergency Management Plan and Specific Plans.

The Monmouthshire County Council Emergency Management Plan sets out the Council’s approach to the management of emergencies and provides information to guide and support the Emergency Response Team, who would co-ordinate the Council’s response.

The Gwent Major Emergency Response Arrangements explains how the combined response of all agencies within the Gwent Police area will be co-ordinated.

Specific Plans set out the arrangements for a combined response by agencies dealing with recognised hazards in the area:

  • Gwent Flood Arrangements
  • Gwent Recovery Plan
  • Gwent Rabies Plan
  • National Grid Major Accident Hazard Pipelines Plan
  • Wales and West Utilities Ltd Major Accident Hazard Pipelines Plan
  • Severn Railway Tunnel Joint Agency Major Emergency Arrangements
  • Temporary Mortuary Arrangements
  • Gwent Chemical Incident Plan
  • BAE Systems Glascoed – Off-Site Emergency Plan
  • Gwent Evacuation & Shelter Arrangements
  • Gwent LRF Mass Fatalities Plan 2011
  • Gwent LRF Oldbury Extendibility Arrangements
  • Gwent LRF Humanitarian Assistance Arrangements 2011
  • Gwent CBRN Response Plan
  • Gwent LRF Joint Agency Arrangements for Managing Pandemic Influenza
  • Emergency Helpline Procedure

The Emergency Care Centre Handbook is a guidance document for local authority staff and police, to aid the establishment of a Care Centre for victims or their friends and relatives during an incident.

The Monmouthshire Emergency Contacts Directory is maintained by the Emergency Planning Service and holds all the emergency contact numbers in support of the above documents.

If you would like sight of any of the above documents please contact:

Emergency Planning Manager
Monmouthshire County Council
PO Box 106
NP26 9AN

Tel.: 01633 644092